Monday, November 22, 2010


sudden i mish them my dearest frens at gmc..there's been a long time i've never met them since i was left gmc by 2 years ago i tot..hurm..wat da hell im crazy on! hish..
just now i've taught syaza a.k.a syazoo bout this blogging world..she told me that she oready had this for a long tyme buy never got to update..*kindly lazy that girl rite..nvm i love her as the way she so..hakhak..
nyway wanna wish her + another 2 minster of me for their lovely exam that didn't end yet..ehem im done oready..haha...
here i post to drop u ol the faces of them for those was sitting for their final exam..*korang jgn mara ye..
syazoo..great girl for me..
syazoo..i do miss her..her laugh like evil + her cuteness  face ..aww....

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