Tuesday, October 26, 2010

_MEN That i LOved Most!

ten! pinjam ayt jap hak3..hurm for this post i wud like to post about men that i loved most..hurm sound weird like..whatever..
before that i wud like to apologize to FATEN for giving me permission to copyright her words! ahaks..tq darl..

who are they?
act they're s part of my life..i love them very much but..as a vey close fren..

1. abah
of kos lar abah gonna be da 1st 1..he's my HERO..love n miss u abah..muah!

2. joe
sy syg die!
he was my closest fren since i was 13..we've been fren together almost nearly to 8 years..
we're mwt together just when we're about to lose each other for bout 2 years ago..
thanks ALLAH for giving me chances to met with him again..
i was calling him bb comot as his "name manje" haha...and he was calling me baby..ei GEDIK..haha
opss..sounds like we're couple rite..? nvm..let anyone talk bout that..haha 
but i love him..mish u lar..hahahaha...

3. khai
haha..this picture was taken about a few years ago..sooooo funny..aha...
"hoi orang tue! tolong aku buley?"
" dey minachi ape!?
well mish that word..hoho
yup..that da common word i said to him..haha..but he never complained me! gud boy..ngeee(^_-)
he was my fren DUNIE AKHIRAT lar..he was my angel too..woah..
he quite tough but not available anymore..hoye...do i care..ahaha...sory for her gf..lol

4. aizul
alahai..gamba beliau x de la plak..i'll change it later..hoho..kiut juge~~ngee
lastly aizul..
i did mention his name for my previous2 post..
just pity on him..gone through pain of love..hurm..nvm..let it be..
i hate him at the our 1st meeting..huh! soooo selfish!
but then we're being very close somehow..?
i didn't even noe that moment..
he was my shoulder to cry on...
my ear to listen on...
my eye to lookin' on..
and my strength to stand on...
tq babe!

to korang kat atas...mesti korang terharu + menangis kan bile bace post nie nak2 lagi ade gamba kowang skali..ceh...geli~~ hahahah
but then who will gonna be da special 1???
that is...?
lets wait n see...

notes: i hope that our frenship will be long lasting..not only for this moment nut for the entire of our life...insyaAllah...
n for those i didn't stated the name lots of apologize from me...
didnt mean it..maybe im not the rite 1 that who deserve to be ur fren...
no..im not..
tq dear..

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