Saturday, October 23, 2010

AGAIN! (unplanned shopping) was very da happy day..alamak broken english..ah lantakla..
have fun wif my 2 lil big buddy faten + zati..hurm..what did i buy? where did we go? and..what did we do?
here im telling u the story..woah..
1. yummy2~~ PLEASE DO REFILL UR STOMACH 1ST..blurp! alhamdulillah..
2. then we're goin to the upper floor of The Mines...for?? ha..this is our main reason y we was here!
karoke ma..yeay!
angin lalu nyanyi lagu rindu..
ayir zaman..ayir makan...
" itulah faten munye keje.."

3. but then after spent about 1 hour & more in that kinda BORED room,we're having our walk together..hurm..window shupink~~
4. seeking for pet lovers..where is it????? lastly.... my new & pon. cik & cak (name mama bg)..rm7 each..murahkan..
5. just wanna walk around but opss...TERbeli la plak..keh3...nvm just a pair of tshirt + pant..not much..
6. KFC meal!

then we're done..oh..too tired for this minus i've been spent for about RM118.++
oh no..mama..sory! hehehe....
gtg wanna c my sweetheart..da~~~

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