Sunday, September 5, 2010

...don't be sad...

HE...he was my fren but not very close at all...but he owez keep thinking that he was the 1 who was being an unlucky person..why he said so..? he was act like sum1..hurm was also my fren too..
but hard to say...go ahead..
hurm..the story begin.....

one day..they met wihout unexpectation...
no jokes...silent!
everything like worst! didn't noe each other...
huh! u jeling i..i jeling u..haha
but then 1 month gone...slowly apart of being each silent anymore..
keep chatting..keep knowing each other day by day...
that girl was so happy on being fren with him..and he was too..i thought..
i keep wondering how care he is to often he grab all of the opportunities to be nearly with her..
sudden,i know the truth..but im not suprised at all coz i am oready know..
i now he was liking her truely no objection too..
kindly admit it to me..but then he was too upset with his own feeling himself..
he was scared to like her..he was scared to let her noe that he like her...

he being so humble then with saying he was nuthing to her compared to him..
oh..who was him?? er..just ignore it..
but him the person who was liking her too..oh!!
but she's never noe that he the 1st one was like her so much and she just only make a wish to like him as a fren..but then he da 2nd one who comes later..bring up chance to be loved!
she was being confused and keep thinking why..why...& why...
oh! i can say this is like 3 loves never find its ending...haha
back to the origin..
once again he was scared to fall in love again...
he was scared the moments that was been happened to him before will make the da same history for his whole life again...then..he was done! no more hope anymore...
eh kau!
i wish he could stand and keep hold on with his life..
nuthing much nuthing wrong wif that but keep thinking with ur future..
there is no such thing gone wrong when u're lying to urself...
make it beautiful..make it wonderful..make it amazing...!
even i am not as close as her or another person in ur life instead i am not important much 
but i wish i could lighting ur feeling..hope so...
sooner..pliz give him strength to keep move on and take away all of his weakness and let him be happy...
Dear ALLAH..
find him with a beautiful nice girl that will always make him cheer..
and let HER being happy too..they're all my fren...
i wanna them to be happy with no such worry..sadness and gloomy...
be happy and dun worry if u're not have ur partner but being worry if u're losing HIS love..
just be happy with ur life and keep move on eventhough it was hard!
that was awesome when u're happy..
dat was all the story about..finish! but then same thing goes to me..huh!! hate it!
but i wish i could let him noe dat i "pernah" like him..huaaaa.....hey chill babe..dun think too much...
ok done! no more thinking..fullstop..!
okie..wanna have my breakin' fast with family dat person dat oready read this post,say hi to me..ahaks...(^^,)
bubye love!_


  1. hurm... :(

    i wish too he'll be gifted a pious,nice n beautiful girl.

    p/s : fara, confess to him lorr.. hiihi.. :P

  2. huhu...sungguh touching apabila membace nye....hahaha
    bole nanges kot.. T_T
    ko pnah suke sape ouh fara??
    budak yg ko cite kat aku tu ke?????

  3. sara _insyaAllah he will..x nk la..malu..hahaha
    akim da menjadi sejarah da..hoho..nanges ke..wah bole jadi bl;ogger yg berjaye la aku..hah


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