Monday, September 27, 2010


hurm...not in a gud mood today + yesterday too....quite moody..i dun noe y & wat's wrong with them act..i am doing my best for them im tryin' to make themselves being happy when i am there but y r???
soooo HIM & HIM..

- 1st of all im sory for being disrespectful..didn't mean so sory...
- tryin' to be fair on both of u..pliz do understand me & my situation..pliz im beggin'
- im not going to have any comitment either with u ol or anyone else..
- try to understand my situation rite now..i wanna being fren of fren...not even fren but close fren..
- im so sory..again..i wont be disturb by anybody..for this whole sory....

awk...dan bukan yg terbaik utk awk2 la kat owg laen yg lebih baik & banyak sgt nk idup sy yg dulu sy x nk idup sy sekarang nie..tolongla paham sy..bukan sy x nk memilih antare awk2 semua tp ati sy belum lagi terbukak nk terime sape2 pun..awk2 kejam..ramai lagi girls kat lua bole menghargai awk2 semua..bukan bukanlah yg terbaik utk awk2 mintak maaf sgt2... =(


  1. hati kate x nk..nk wat jgn bg harapan kan..ngeee


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