Wednesday, September 29, 2010

again...that was hurt__ cryin' becoz of the same the moment u came to me & gives me hope that u'll come back to me like before but then..when i was so happy with u..being with u,u just ruined it hurt i sick i am..u didn't noe it coz u're not seeing..u're not feel what i am feeling now..i wanna cry but where is it my tears?? where is tired on being on this is all the same...nuthing gonna change...ZERO...

" hey im hepy when u're here"
"i am da lucky one coz having u in my life.."
"u're my prince someday gonna be"
"i'll love u & waiting for u"

that was nuthing more more everythings..u're DONE!
i love the way u are before not now..u make me cry,u make me hurt,u make me sad... ='(
preety..u shudn't cry..u shudn't be regret..

note for YOU :
tq for being my fren before,dear..
u're so kind pretty much kind...
im happy when u're happy too...
just forget about what i'd saying to u before..its all just a rubbish...sigh...
hoping...u'll get what u wanna have much..
tq for da very nice + lovely bracelet given by u to me on my birthday..
one more..much2 tq for giving me chance to love u,dear...
u're owez in my heart no matter what happen there n how long it be???
let Allah be da judger..
gud luck for u...!(^^,)

u're admittion seems like wanna make me enough to cryin' badly but i gotta find da way im tryin' to not too heartbreak..oho...yet i am understand ur situation & y did u change urself..but i noe u better than u noe urself..just move on..just go ahead..leaving...adios...

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