Thursday, December 9, 2010

result =(

phew..1st of all usual..after lookin' for da exam's result my life gonna sick automatically..
nvm,still praise to Allah for giving me chance to do much2 more better than before..
but still...
frustrated for SKP,FSM & SAK..
that was mt targeted subject to got As fot it but i just got B+ & B for it..nvm..
plus not willing to beat eyzul for this exam..alahai
got A for MGM..most favourite subject maybe..hurm..
a lil bit sad but what to do let gone be by gone..never regret it anymore..
that's my effort for the rest of 1st sem..
do it much more better for the next sem..

p/s : gud luck to all my buddies there for those who was waiting for the result..
*bace bismillah dulu takut terkejut..huhuh..

notes fara : no more playin' too hard..oke darl..kite blaja semat2 yek bg lagi gempak result..dean list!

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