Saturday, December 11, 2010

banyak tanya!

instruction : once you are tagged, answer all the questions honestly..tQ

starting time :  11:54 am

name : fara
full name : nurfarah najihah bt ahmad azmi *panjang kan..=)
sibling (s) : 5

eye color : purple..eh2 silap..itam 
shoe size : 6 *depends pade kasot juge..
hair : itam ler...
height : 157 cm
what are u wearing now: baju tshirt yg da season ngn slua track aje
where do u live 2: jengka, pahang
feveret no : 2

faveret drink : barli suam*anggun =)
feveret month : 5
feveret brekfast : pape je janji kenyang...hoho

have u ever..

broken a bone : nehi*tidak

been in police car : no 
fallen for a guy/girl in short time : wow! soalan emas..haha..agakla..
swam in an ocean : nope but wishing someday...
fallen asleep in school : oh selalu! ^^,
broken some1's heart : yup 
cried when sum1 died : yes my late grandpa
sat by the phone all night waiting for some1 to call : kadang2...
saved email : klu rajin 

been cheated on : yaw!! perasaan shut!


your room look like : kamar puteri x cukup dibina

what is right beside u : my luvly comot froggie..

what is the last thing you ate : nasi

ever had..

chicken pox : no..takut!
sore throat : pernah tp x selalu

do you...

believe in love at first sight : haha...basically yes
like picnic  : sangat!


did u last yell at : adik aku yg x abes2 kacau aku..grr!!
who was the last person u danced with : x de sape2..
who last made u smile : my lil sis dek ya =)

final question..

what are  u listening to rite now : bunyi kipas dalam bilik ni
what did u do today : hanta nenek kat stesen bas

are u the oldest : no
indoor / outdoor : outdoor*banyak udara

last person who 

you talked to on the phone :  dear azizul

make u cried : wan
you went to the mall with : family + frens*great!
who cheered u up : sume manusie dalam umah nie

have u 

been to the mexico : no
been to USA : no


what book are u reading now : x tau ape nk dibace..haha
best feeling in the world : dapat dekan! awesome!!

future kids name : adam
do yo sleep with a stuffed animal : nope..dalam umah  die..

what's under ur bed : penoh ngn besi2 katil zaman dulu + kotak = habok!
feveret sport (s) : bola tampar
feveret place : mane2 yg membuatkan jiwe tenang...awww
who do u really hate : backstabber + manusie bermulut longkang
do u have a job : no

what time is it now : 12:25

note :

with however long it took you to complete this, post as " banyak tanya betul!" and tag 15 people. 
-kak yati
sape2 follower belog aku silela jawab yek..time kaseh.. muah!

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